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18.07.2017 21:31



Solar Return for Yuliana Prisma

Birth date: Tuesday, November 14, 1989 9:00 PM Moscú, Russia

Solar Return calculated for year 2017 in Moscú, Russia

Latitude & Longitude: 55N45   37E35



Chapter 1 General external conditions of the year

Chapter 2 Astrological influence of your personality        

Chapter 3 The Emotional World      

Analysis of the 12 Astrological Houses. Inner Responses


        The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart. That happens once every year around your birthday, but at a different time. This chart is calculated for the time of the Sun's return this year and marks the principal events for the year from birthday to birthday. This report also gives the location of your Solar Return; from it can be determined that some places are more favorable than others. With the aid of more than one report you could analyze the changes that are produced in the Solar Return Reports, choosing from different locations where you would want to spend the day.

        This report essentially is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the general external conditions of the year; opportunities and problems that could occur in different areas. For the benefit of students of astrology, the influence of the Ascendant and Midheaven of the return are described as well as that of the Sun and Moon.

        The second part analyzes the twelve astrological houses, marking specifically in what area of your life the various astral influences will be manifested, emphasizing your probable responses and inner changes. This section analyzes the position of the solar houses on the natal houses, the planetary conjunctions, and the location of the planets in the houses. You will be given a description of the most important matters derived from the placement of the planets in the houses, which are outlined in the text for each of them.

        In some cases you will find contradictions; a planet may be beneficial in a certain area, while others may indicate the opposite. This means that you could have two types of situations during the year. For example: a lover's quarrel and a following reconciliation. To get the most out of this report, it will be necessary to use your own logic and intuition, fitting the descriptions outlined here to your own particular case.

        The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this year's prospects and to learn from them using your free will.

Astrological data of the Solar Return

GMT date and time:  Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 1:03:00 PM in Moscú, Russia  

Sun                         Scorpio   22° 20'  in house 7           

Moon                           Libra   07° 16'  in house 6           

Mercury             Saggitarius   12° 17'  in house 7          

Venus                       Scorpio   08° 50'  in house 6           

Mars                             Libra   14° 22'   in house 6           

Jupiter                      Scorpio   07° 36'   in house 6          

Saturn                 Saggitarius   25° 57'  in house 8          

Uranus                          Aries   25° 31'  in house 12         

Neptune                       Pisces   11° 29'  in house 12         

Pluto                       Capricorn   17° 23'  in house 10        

Ascendant                    Taurus   15° 13'  in house 1           

Medium Coeli          Capricorn   15° 48'  in house 10       

North Node true                Leo   19° 39'  in house 5           

Time Zone: +3 hours EAST

Chapter 1: General characteristics of the year. The external conditions.

Solar Return Ascendant Taurus

        Material matters will be very important to you this year. You are beginning a favorable period for increasing your financial position. You will look for new ways to increase your income and, if other indications are not against it, will find effective means to do so.

        Your temperament could turn more skeptical, realistic, closed and obstinate. If you are a dreamy person by nature, then this year could be the time that your dreams are realized. But if you are realistic and tenacious, then this influence will increase your perseverance. In either case, various ideas will stimulate your mind. It is important, however, to choose your ideas carefully and not be stubborn about them, as this will prevent certain tension and resentment in your immediate environment. The desire to possess will also be accentuated and could manifest in the material as well as the emotional sphere. The concept 'I have' will be strengthened and as a result may increase your personal estate.

        Your interest in material things will bring you in contact with practical people and the possibility of forming productive unions. But some of these relationships, though aiming toward mutual success, may not meet your expectations.

        If you have artistic inclinations, it will be a positive year for expanding your creative talents. This influence favors the beginning of studies related to art, decoration, aesthetics, style, etc. And these studies, like the artistic creations, will grant you material profits.

        Physically, Taurus rules the throat, the neck, the vocal cords and the thyroid glands. It is important during this year that you do not change climates too abruptly. Also, moderation in eating is advisable, as this influence inclines to over- indulgence in rich foods and the gaining of weight. This influence does not induce the desire to practice sports or to engage in physical exercise, but instead induces the desire for comfort and ease. Don't allow this to happen.

        This period favors stability in everything, but mainly in the economy. Emotionally you could experience feelings of contradiction. You could encounter difficult situations that produce tension, jealousy and possessiveness. People of the sign Scorpio will have a strong influence on you during this time. Aggressive or envious people with violent tempers may cross your path. You should select your friends carefully and try to keep cool and calm when a difficult situation presents itself.

Solar Return MC Capricorn

        This is a capable year for competing and achieving your objectives. You will be very constant and will show much authority in order to pass along your ideas to others. Your ambitions will be strong and very precise, and you won't be given to fears or insecurity. Don't act with haste or insensibility, however, because that could bring some oppositions.

        If your work is related to science, administration, direction of enterprises, mathematics, physics or any activity that involves contact with the earth, it will be very favorable. This influence brings the possibility to exercise more authority in your surroundings. You will have the capability to direct and organize, and this could bring an advance in your position. Although everything seems to indicate a progress in the material field, you could also utilize this strength to follow spiritual objectives and would achieve them, making your personal growth more complete.

        In selecting your goals it will be important to distinguish between principal and secondary ones, and choose them accordingly. Order, method, organization and constant work are the key words for becoming successful this year. There also is a possibility for problems to arise that need to be resolved; opponents who represent a challenge for you, or you may have disagreements with bosses or people in authority who are not logical, which could hinder your growth. Fate is beginning to test your courage and trust in yourself. Don't give way to doubts or fears, but maintain and act on your firm ideas. Your success this year will be thanks to your constant work and not because of luck.

        On the other hand, you could find an affectionate atmosphere in your home that will give you the support you need. Don't sacrifice your emotional life for your ambitions and material matters. Be generous with your love and you will receive the answers you need from the people around you. It would be a good time to beautify your home, make necessary repairs and proceed with improvements you previously may have planned.

Chapter 2: Astrological influence of your personality.

Sun in house 7

        Under this solar influence you will seek balance in your emotional life. If you don't have a partner, chances are that you will find one. If you already have one, this influence could bring you closer and you will spend the majority of your time this year with him or her. If you have plans for marriage, it would be an ideal year to tie the knot. You probably will become more dependent on your loved ones, not only because of their balance, but also because through them you could meet new friends and associates. You will be more influenced by others and will listen to and adopt their ideas with greater interest. Select people who are compatible with your life's interests, because this is a year of sharing everything. Surrounding yourself with positive people brings better results.

        This influence also favors the formation of associations, team work, and political or social activity. You will become more conscious of the importance of social relationships and will get involved in a more open and expressive manner.

        The most favorable period will be halfway through this year (considering from birthday to birthday), at which time you will receive the improved vibrations that will help you to form relationships and associations. You will lean on and receive aid from people in better social or material positions, but also run the risk of being overshadowed by the people around you.

Chapter 3: The emotional world.

Solar Return Moon in Libra

        Your emotions will be balanced and you will exhibit them in a warm, harmonious and soft way. You will become more sensitive, dreamy, romantic and sociable. You long for contact with people and will increase your social life. During this year, you want to offer more of yourself to your loved ones and will be rewarded with affection from them in return.

        This influence increases your popularity and brings much success in working with the public. Your personal magnetism will be strong and because of it you will attract others. You also could develop a desire for pleasures and for enjoyment of the easy life in general.

        On the other hand, you could acquire a strong sense of justice that will induce you to take an increased front to situations that you consider unjust.

        If you have artistic inclinations, during this year you will express them freely and can rely on an extra dose of inspiration. Your sensibility will increase and will point you in the right direction to help you find your inner balance.

        The relationship with your mother and with women in general will be very favorable and balanced. You will be able to count on their support for your projects in general.

        On the negative side, this influence could make you very dependent. You could rely on the opinions of others too much, limiting your own freedom, especially if their suggestions are contrary to what you desire.

        This will be an important year in your sentimental world. If you have plans for marriage, you will state them explicitly. If you already are married, you will have a happy year, but if you are not involved, you could begin a serious relationship. All this is the result of your emotional inner balance. Concentrate on achieving your own balance and the rest will take care of itself.

Solar Return Moon in house 6

        The emotional ups and downs will rebound in your physical health, generating psychosomatic problems. You should channel the expression of your emotions in a way to eliminate your negative energies; otherwise you will be subject to certain disorders, mainly in the digestive system. During this year, you will concentrate on improving your diet, your body and your health in general. For very mild problems such as headaches or indigestion, avoid the ingestion of medications and remember that most of your problems will originate in your emotional field. Consult with a medical homeopath if you have serious problems with health.

        On the other hand, you will want a change of work. This is due to your need to find a congenial climate in the labor field that reminds you of your home. Noisy places or those with frequent arguments and disagreements won't be elected by you. Your great sensibility will cause you to search and change whenever you feel the need, until you find an ideal congenial place.

Analysis of the 12 astrological houses. Inner responses.

HOUSE 1: Personality. Principal interest of the year.

SR Ascendant in house 11 natal

        You will place your attention on friends who will have a more long range influence in your life during this year. You probably will want to expand your social world by meeting new people. This influence also could induce you to participate in groups or associations with similar interests. But it also could bring disagreements, fights and separation from certain friendships.

        The realization of your goals won't depend totally on your personal efforts, but more on the collaboration of others. You will develop many new projects for your future.

SR Ascendant conjunct 11 natal     orb 3° 27'

        You will place your attention on friends who will have a more long range influence in your life during this year. You probably will want to expand your social world by meeting new people. This influence also could induce you to participate in groups or associations with similar interests. But it also could bring disagreements, fights and separation from certain friendships.

        The realization of your goals won't depend totally on your personal efforts, but more on the collaboration of others. You will develop many new projects for your future.

HOUSE 2: Economical situation.

House 2 of SR in 11 natal

        Your economical gain will depend in great measure on your social relationships and friendships. You will have a year of realizations and monetary growth thanks to the collaboration and influence of your improved friendships. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it. During this year you will develop new yearnings and economical projects for your future.

HOUSE 3: The concrete mind. Studies and short journeys.

House 3 of SR in 12 natal

        This year could bring serious problems during short journeys. It also could bring enmity or strong confrontations with your relatives or neighbors. Business or signing contracts with people you know well also won't be favorable. Your immediate environment could turn hostile toward you, which could lead to isolation.

        On the other hand, you will develop a strong interest for the study of occult subjects.

HOUSE 4: The home.

House 4 of SR in 12 natal

        Serious problems in your home may arise or you could find enmity and confrontations with some of your relatives. You will feel anxiety, distress and a general dissatisfaction with your home, which will cause you to search for isolation and solitude. You will feel the need to have a secret place where you can rest and feel more comfortable. There is danger of loss of stability, problems with mortgages or debts, especially in the final months of this solar year.

HOUSE 5: Romance & amusement. Relationship with children

House 5 of SR in 1 natal

        You will lean toward pleasures and amusements during this year. You probably will have countless romantic adventures. If you are involved with someone, you will enjoy your relationship a lot. However, there is a tendency for infidelity, if you don't receive the affection you need.

        This influence brings success and general luck in speculative business and games of chance. But you also could spend more than you earn, be cautious.

HOUSE 6: Health and illness. Employment.

House 6 of SR in 3 natal

        You should look after your health during short journeys that you may take during this year. There is a propensity to catch colds, flus or other contagious illnesses. The illness will come from nervous exhaustion. You should balance your mental work with some physical activity. It is recommended to improve your nutrition, consuming more foods that contain the Vitamin B Complex. This influence could bring concerns for illness of brothers, sisters or other close relatives.

        On the other hand, you may take several work related short journeys and will have much success if you are devoted to some commercial activity or literature.

Venus in House 6 of SR

        Unless there are other planetary aspects that indicate otherwise, you will enjoy good health during this year, but you should watch your diet because there is a tendency to enjoy the pleasures of the palate, and consequently to gain weight. You could be attracted particularly to sugar and the candies. You also could become a little lazy and will want to make little effort physically.

        You will have a sound relationship with bosses and those you work with. You will enjoy your work and will receive affection and appreciation. If you have employees or servants yourself, your relationship with them also will be very pleasant.

        You could experience some disagreements or difficulties in your romantic life because of some misunderstanding between the partners. It will be necessary for you to take appropriate action to prevent the loss of your romanticism.

Venus RS Conjunct Mars natal     orb 1° 46'

        You could have a passionate romance during this year, feeling an irresistible attraction to a person who will conquer you with their sweetness and character. If you are married or committed, you will have a great need to be next to them most of the time and you will feel very attracted to them. Your jealousy and desire to possess and dominate will also increase.

Venus RS Conjunct Pluto natal     orb 6° 33'

        The love of a person could bring a big change in your life. It will help you to liberate your emotions or very strong memories of your past that torment you presently. Love will transform your life and your reactions probably won't be very calm or soft. You may become very jealous of the person you love and could turn very possessive or domineering.

Mars in House 6 of SR

        You will feel a strong desire for more freedom in your work, especially if you work for others. Your enthusiasm for work will increase and you will resent any type of pressure or control that might restrict your activity. If you work for yourself, you will feel free to carry out your initiatives. Frequent disagreements, fights or general tensions may develop from others, and you must avoid losing your patience when confronting these conditions.

        You also must look after your health, because the propensity for fevers, hemorrhages or accidents will exist. In extreme cases, there could be a possibility for surgical attention. Health problems could be the result of frustration or repression of your ego. It is important not to repress your desires and to maintain constant physical activity.

Jupiter in House 6 of SR

        Your labor situation will improve and will be more pleasant. The relationship with your co-workers and with your bosses will be more harmonious and happy. You will enjoy your work and could receive improved working conditions, a promotion or a raise in your pay.

        Your health will be good and you will recover from any adversity that you have been suffering. However, there is a strong tendency toward excesses which could alter your balance. Watch your nutrition, especially the quantity that you eat. Avoid fats, fried and other foods that could affect the liver. You also should avoid candies and sugar because you could gain weight easily during this period.

Jupiter RS Conjunct Mars natal     orb 0° 31'

        You won't be very harmonious with people who are very kind, careless or without ambition, and you will easily lose your patience when others take things in a superficial way. Some people probably will complain about your lack of tact or flexibility. On the other hand, you will become authoritative and domineering with those in your surroundings who are indolent or slovenly.

HOUSE 7: Associations. Marriage and partnerships.

House 7 of SR in 5 natal

        If you are single, your current relationship could take a more serious direction and you may announce your plans for marriage. This influence will allow you to enjoy the company of your partner a lot, or to improve your friendships. You will search for the companionship of young and happy people. But there also is a tendency toward rivalries or jealousy in romantic situations. If you have grown children, the possibility that they may marry exists.

        On the other hand, this influence favors contracts or business related to art, jewels and sports.

Mercury in House 7 of SR

        You will be attracted to people with a higher cultural level with whom you will share concerns of fashion and other ideas. This year will be very good for communication with your spouse or associates, if you have any. You will be able to clarify your problems more objectively, because you will be more detached and logical. On the negative side, this could be carried too far in your demonstration of affection. You could become cold and calculating, and will search for intellectual stimulus and good conversation. There is a possibility of becoming dull in your efforts to reach stability in your romantic relationships.

        Problems you may encounter should be faced with great care to avoid complications or deceits. This influence is favorable for business and contracts, but you should be very cautious and intelligent in order to succeed.

HOUSE 8: Dangers, inheritances and mysteries.

House 8 of SR in 5 natal

        If you will be able to manage your finances well, you will succeed in expanding your capital thanks to your right hunches in investments, general luck and your creativity.

        On the physical side, this influence could bring disorders and some ailments soon after excessive consumption of foods or amusements.

Saturn in House 8 of SR

        This year could bring difficulties in relation to financial concerns, especially if you have shared resources or combined investments with other people. There is danger of loss or delays in business, rents, actions, and also in inheritances or legacies. You should take care not to incur debts during this time; requests for any type of credit or loan won't be favored now.

        Your attitude may not be very positive and you will be more aware of the dark side of human nature. Situations you are involved in, conflicts and stress will cause the more negative traits to manifest. Maintain your stability, trust and optimism and avoid obsessions and negative thoughts.

        On the emotional side, there could be a repression of your libido and your need for sexual satisfaction.

        On the other hand, there is a possibility of news regarding the death of someone.

HOUSE 9: Religion and spirituality. Long journeys.

House 9 of SR in 6 natal

        This won't be a good year for long journeys unless they offer a missionary service or are for problems with health. Your idealism and self-sacrifice for others will increase. This influence could bring difficulties with work or illness in foreign countries.

HOUSE 10: The profession, success and status.

House 10 of SR in 6 natal

        This astrological influence brings success in all types of service that you may offer and in tasks of subordinate nature. On the other hand, it won't be very favorable for independent activities, because with these you could find certain limitations. Favorable activities will be those related to the care of health and to hygiene of the body. Possibilities for progress in your course will depend very much on the state of your health.

Pluto in House 10 of SR

        You will produce drastic changes in your profession during this year. Your ambitions will increase considerably and you will want to conquer the area that now doesn't allow you to grow more. These changes will be radical, and you will not only change your physical place, but also your activity. You will become more authoritative, closing and aggressive, and you won't be willing to follow orders from anyone. This could generate tension and arguments in your labor atmosphere, especially if you work for other people.

        You will have the opportunity to become successful with your projects during this year. You will be able to count on the necessary strength to conquer any obstacle, or to support the changes that are necessary to produce. Be realistic though, and don't exaggerate expectations that are outside of your reach.

        During this period, you will produce an important turn in your life, changing your goals and principal objectives for newer and long range ones.

Pluto RS Conjunct Saturn natal     orb 6° 54'

        You will become indifferent or on solid ground toward changes and transformation of your external world. You probably won't be satisfied with any type of modification in your daily structure and may suffer by maintaining rigid and holding on to your customs. You could have confrontations with people who attempt to manipulate or expose you, and you will respond in a controlled, closing and cold manner.

Pluto RS Conjunct Neptune natal     orb 6° 59'

        The changes and transformations that occur around you will confuse you or will arouse fears and insecurities deep inside you. You may adopt some escapist attitude because of tense situations and because you are not willing to participate consciously in the transformation of your life. You will be easily suggestible and swayed by other people during this time and you should be on guard for manipulative people.

HOUSE 11: Friendships and social life.

House 11 of SR in 7 natal

        Your desire and hopes for marriage or forming an association with people you trust will be accentuated. You will appreciate your friendships, achieving favorable responses and faithfulness from them. Don't neglect those relationships that are not so deep, but also necessary. There is a possibility of leaving aside certain friends because of a third person.

HOUSE 12: Limitations, enmities and hidden things.

House 12 of SR in 9 natal

        There is the possibility of kiting infractions against the law, consciously or unconsciously, during this year. Your philosophic attitude and fatalism will increase due to your broad taste of life. You will be inclined to arguments and disagreements with others because of your higher or spiritual ideas. There also is the possibility of participating in secret sects.

        This influence doesn't favor the realization of long journeys and could bring problems or illness in foreign countries.

Uranus in House 12 of SR

        You will find great limitations to your own freedom during this year. Unexpected opposition from enemies could develop or certain problems could arise suddenly that will limit your independence. These inconveniences clearly will be the result of actions of your past.

        On the psychological side, there is a tendency to repress your new and unconventional ideas for fear of denial or incomprehension. You will feel like a prisoner of your own fears and insecurities, and consequently will search for isolation from your social world. You could have subconscious reactions or compulsive behaviors during this year. It is important to look after your nervous system so that you don't suffer total exhaustion.

        On the positive side, tasks that require solitude and concentration, like investigation, are very beneficial.

Neptune in House 12 of SR

        Your compassion and the desire to help needy people will be accentuated. You probably will participate in some charitable activity that is of no real interest to you, but it will help to enrich your inner life. You will be more willing to make sacrifices for others. Besides that, your intuitive power and your occult ability will increase. You will discover many secrets and also may be able to foresee future situations.

        On the material side, you should watch the action of your enemies, because you could suffer betrayals, deceptions or traps. It is advisable to avoid confused situations or shady business that has characteristics of illegality.

        Your health could be weakened by anguish or depression. The emotional problems will rebound in your physical body occasioning ailments difficult to diagnose. For mild problems such as lethargy, indigestion, or headaches, avoid taking drugs or medications, because they could intoxicate your body. For serious health problems, it is likely that you will need to consult with several health care practitioners before you are clear about the cause, and best treatment, of the problem. Bad habits also will be accentuated and it is recommendable to use moderation.

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